We Built a Company of People Who Care

Better for Being Here

Besides curating Gourmet Burgers and memorable experiences, we at Red Robin Gourmet Burgers want to make sure we make the world a better place. We focus a lot of our values, strategies and discussions around how to be better for the earth, our Team Members and our guests.

2021 Sustainability Report


We want to protect the planet whenever and wherever we can. That is why we have put in company-wide initiatives to help reduce our impact on this great earth.

Reducing, Recycling and Reduction is Our Jam

We have worked hard to become better stewards of this planet through various strategies on all company levels, implementing programs like recycling at the home office and installing energy-efficient LED lighting in our company-owned restaurants.

Prioritizing the Food We Serve and How We Serve It

We make our Gourmet Burgers and food with the highest-quality ingredients that our customers love. We make sure our meat and produce suppliers use the highest industry standards for humane farming.

Building Relationships with Like-minded Suppliers

We partner with companies that care about people and the environment just as much as we do. That is why we ask suppliers to do their part to protect the earth and its people.

We Care for the People Around Our Common Table


At Red Robin, we want everyone to feel welcomed and supported. Through our grassroots fundraising for Red Robin Foundation, American Cancer Society and Denver Kids, we support the communities around us. We also support diversity within our Team Members by offering a Women’s Excellence program to support and inspire us all. We partner with the Women’s Foodservice Forum to help advance and support our female leaders. We’ve also created focus groups on social and economic inequality to create empathy and growth within our company.

Giving Back


We value unwavering integrity and relentless focus on improvement…. that's what the “U” and “R” stand for in our B.U.R.G.E.R. values. When it comes to doing business right, we strive to always do our best and to do it right. Our Board of Directors leads us to success through their overview and support.