Commitment to Sustainability

As a third-generation family-owned company whose core values are based on integrity, and whose mission is to provide safe, high-quality products for its customers, Wolverine Packing is committed to operating as a good steward of the earth for future generations. Wolverine’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its conservation of energy and other resources, reduction of waste and recycling of materials, thus reducing its impact on the environment.

Following are some examples of Wolverine Packing’s sustainability practices.

Reducing Energy Consumption

  • Lighting upgrades included metal halide light conversion to LED (90%) and fluorescent (10%) lighting in over 250,000 square feet of Wolverine Packing facilities.
  • Refrigeration improvements incorporated updated air compressors and advanced refrigeration compressors, as well as closed-loop water evaporators that cool compressed refrigeration gasses saving water and energy.
  • Majority of electrical motor equipment was installed with variable frequency drives (VFDs) reducing energy consumption and maintenance while extending equipment life.
  • Thermal guard sealed loading docks were installed to protect the integrity of the thermal envelope in Wolverine’s production plant, keeping cold air in and warm air out.
  • Plant upgrades also included high speed roll-up cooler doors, 4-inch insulated truck doors, advance dock levelers and automatic doors so that a dock door is prevented from opening without a truck being backed in.

Managing Waste and Expanding Recycle

  • Wolverine reduced the amount of waste that is sent to landfills, helping to significantly improve the company’s sustainable footprint. A waste management program targeted foam coffee cups and replaced them with recyclable cups in every facility.
  • A cardboard, paper and stretch wrap recycling program is expected to redirect nearly 520 tons of material from landfill to recycling centers in 2019.

Controlling Fleet Emissions

Truck tractors in Wolverine’s fleet are replaced every five years which ensures that the company not only meet but exceed emission standards.

New State-of-the-Art 180,000 Sq.-foot Processing and Freezing Facility Contributes to Sustainability and Community Revitalization

  • Wolverine collaborated with state and local agencies to revitalize a blighted property within the City of Detroit.
  • Urban storm water management features -- including bioswales, porous pavers and storm water detention areas -- reduced the impact of the development on the city's infrastructure and improve the environment.
  • 100% of waste heat from refrigeration is captured and redirected for use in underfloor heating.
  • 100% LED lighting.
  • Thermal guard sealed loading docks.
  • Variable Frequency Drives installed on electrical motor equipment.
  • As part of Wolverine’s commitment to being a responsible citizen in the city and to aid in the revitalization of the community for residents, the company renovated a public park with a picnic pavilion, installation of a walking path, workout machines, children’s playground, basketball court, softball diamond and a football field.

Source: Wolverine Packing Company